About Buddha Cancer Centre

Buddha Cancer Centre has been started by Dr. Arvind Kumar, MD, DM (Medical Oncology AIIMS, Delhi) in 2015, with an aim to serve his native people with evidence based practice and diagnosis that is in par with any other cancer hospital in India. Every year from its establishment, approximately 1500 cancer cancer patients from Bihar and neighbouring state of Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal and even from neighbouring country Nepal, is being treated in accordance with latest treatment guidelines. Buddha cancer centre is based on the fundaments principles of providing latest guideline based cancer treatment to the people of Bihar at an affordable cost.

The centre provides latest protocol based evolution, Diagnosis, Staging, and treatment of all cancer patients. Protocol based treatment also includes Haematological malignancy and solid tumor. Various services provided at Buddha cancer centre includes Medical oncology, surgical oncology, Hemato-oncology, Gynaecological oncology, diet consultation, screening for early detection of cancer. Buddha cancer centre also conducts time to time cancer awareness program in different remote areas of Bihar. Many senior most oncologists from prestigious cancer hospitals like Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Delhi, Fortis, HCG-EKO, Reliance and Apollo etc. regularly conducts their OPD at Buddha cancer centre and renowned oncologists also perform many complex cancer surgery at Buddha cancer centre Patna. Detailed analysis of critical cancer cases and customized treatment plans are provided by the tumor board which includes a team of senior most oncologists of India. Buddha cancer centre also facilitates to connect with stalwarts in the field of cancer treatment. Facilities available at Buddha cancer centre includes:

  • Protocol based Evaluation, Diagnosis, Staging and treatment of cancer patients.
  • Protocol based treatment of all, from Hematological malignancy and solid tumor.
  • Treatment of cancer by Immunotherapy is done here. Immunotherapy is latest modality of treatment of cancer with dramatic improvement in some cases.
  • Chemotherapy facilities: Planning, Day Care, Prolonged chemotherapy by indoor admission if required.
  • OT and ICU
  • Surgery by expert and super specialist Onco-Surgeon Team.
  • Pain and Palliative care clinic.
  • Ayushman Bharat
  • Mukhyamantri Chikitsa Rahat Kosh
  • Cashless TPA facility

The centre also actively participates in education, research and clinical trials across both specialities of oncology and palliative care. Medical team of Buddha cancer centre has performed some of the procedures first time in Bihar & Jharkhand like Microwave Ablation for the treatment of liver cancer. At regular interval hospital offers a comprehensive scheme for health check-up with the facility to customize according to requirements and various awareness programs to help community to prevent or detect cancer at the very early stage. In order to provide treatment to patients who are socially & economically weaker, the centre also runs various welfare projects and trusts. Cancer care and cure public charitable trust is one of such initiatives which provides cancer treatment to children who are basically from the economically weaker section of the society.

All teams at Buddha cancer centre including Doctors, nursing staffs, and management staffs pledge to enforce high standards and practices through continuous improvement in the quality management system to ensure that the services render by the hospital should meet the expectations of our patients, clients and community.